How We Help You To Build with AI

Generative AI is helping us to collaborate and build in ways previously impossible.


Put AI agents to work for you, enabling you to scale up coding and writing.

Easy to Use

This platform has been designed to be easy to optimize your AI workflow.

Generative AI

Make use of the latest AI technology from OpenAI and others.

Big picture

Your role is shifting to the architect your projects, with AI assisting whereever possible.

AI Construx enables full-scale solutions built with Humans x AI.

— Jason Filby, Founder


A shift in mindset

What will you build with AI?

Your role will shift from writing the design and all code, to defining what you want done. The AI then writes the technical part, as much or as little as you prefer.

There is room for AI to improve and write better code, but the progress seems to be exponential. The future is harnessing AI to build better and faster.